Our Approach

Capacity building
We work with the public, private and social sector organizations and professionals to strengthen health and community systems so as to ensure that our interventions are relevant and sustainable. Our approach is human-centered and utilizes the co-creation model that ensures that beneficiaries and implementer play key roles in the design, planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of our initiatives.
HACEY advocates for increased investment and support to improve livelihood opportunities for vulnerable and under-served population.  We incorporate our experience and best practice to design and implement evidence-based policy advocacy. By working with organizations, community groups and coalitions we continuously engage policy/decision makers at local, national and international level pushing for increased participation of vulnerable groups.
Our programs are designed and implemented based on evidence from detailed analysis. We ensure that our efforts represent the needs of our beneficiaries. We also provide basic and applied research training and services for government and development organizations.
At HACEY we believe that learning is key to economic development. We focus on using information technology, interactive modules and friendly curriculum to design and implement educative programs for beneficiaries across different sectors. From developing relevant health promotions materials on sexual and reproductive to interactive curriculum on economic empowerment of women, our work concentrates on using the best means possible to deliver information and improve learning outcomes.