Environmental Education and Action program

Motivated by the Article 6 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change which stresses the importance for countries to develop and implement programs to educate their population on climate change and its effects and developing adequate responses, HACEY developed an initiative on environmental protection, the “Student Environmental Education Program” (SEEP). 
This project is directed toward junior and senior secondary school students and is designed in partnership with Earth Child Institute’s Power of One Child – Global Action Classroom, an international initiative developed in collaboration with the Environmental Conservation Education program at New York University in the USA. This project inspires remarkable life-skills based changes in students’ appreciation of their environment and empowers them to take action to protect their environment while improving quality of life in their communities.
The SEEP project helps the students become aware of which actions have negative effects on the environment and how they can change their own behavior and influence change in others. Through this project, young school children in Lagos state Nigeria have been involved in the planting of trees, sanitation of their environment, and virtual communication with children from other countries participating in the program.

During the 2008 World Health day, HACEY hosted a debate on climate and health among students from different departments in the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. The purpose of this debate was to create awareness on environment protection as a key to climatic change, as well as to show the direct effect of climate change on community health.

HACEY is also an active member of the alliance of youth-led/focused organizations and young individuals working to build grassroots movement across Africa to combat the effect of climate change and environmental degradation through innovative projects and Continental Day of Actions to mobilize Africa for sustainable development. On Wednesday, 5th September, HACEY jointly organized sensitization on local television stations in Nigeria on climate change, and hosted the ‘Arting Climate Change’ event, aimed at using the arts to showcase the effects of climate change in our society.