Project Enable

According to Mobility Aid and Appliances Research and Development Centre (MAARDEC), over 15% of young people of economic productive age are living with disabilities in Nigeria State. Statistics also show a large degree of intra and inter personal stigmatization and discrimination at all levels against persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Nigeria and Lagos State which has negatively affected their social inclusion (expressed by access to employment, health services, education and decent shelter).

This striking statistics is evidently true for Lagos where a lot of young persons with disabilities engage in activities such as drug use and abuse, street begging and hooliganism. It is therefore important to mobilize empathetic support, empowerment and advocacy for social inclusion.


Promoting the Rights and Social Inclusion of Persons with disabilities in Lagos state


  • To promote community sensitization and advocacy for the rights and social inclusion of persons with disabilities through social media and active stakeholders’ engagement.
  • To enlighten persons with disabilities on their rights, equipping them with life skills towards repositioning them for better participation/integration in the society.
  • To provide economic empowerment for persons with disabilities and showcase their skills and talent through an organized exhibitions.
  • Project Enable is a project of the Civil Liberty Team of the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative of the United States Consulate in Lagos.

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