Youth Square

Youth below 35 years comprise over 70% of Nigeria’s 160million population. They are considered energetic, creative and innovative and remain one of the richest assets in the society. Approximately 52% of the Nigerian youth population is female; their opinions and participation is equally important, but most times ignored. To achieve an inclusive society, it is imperative to ensure that the opinions of all young people are regarded, especially when it comes to decisions that affect their future.

In 2015, Nigeria will be electing her next set of leaders into government; however there is still a large gap in the knowledge base of young people on electoral processes, especially within the female population. The 2012 National Baseline Youth Survey showed that only 50% of Nigerian female youths registered to vote during the 2011 elections (National Bureau of Statistics).

“Youth Square”…making youth voices count is a project designed to positively engage and educate young women on the 2015 elections (candidate selection and election processes, peaceful voting) and building their capacities to hold their elected leaders accountable. The project will amplify the voices of young women towards informing and engaging stakeholders and political leaders to accommodate their opinions and needs.


Youth Square plans on reaching female Nigerians between ages 18 – 35. Engagement will be irrespective of socio-economic standing, tribe, religion or political affiliation.


To promote the participation of young women in electoral and political process in Nigeria.


  • To educate 500,000 young women across the country through social media, online platforms and radio on the processes and schedules for the 2015 elections.
  • To build the capacity of 100 young women on accountability and good governance.
  • To engage 1,000 young women on their expectations for the coming elections and government through physical and online dialogue, surveys, traditional and social media.

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